Supernatural Activity (2012)

A Spoof Of Found Footage Movies
Comedy • 92 minutes  2.8/10
Starring: Andrew Pozza Lidy Bisanz Donny Boaz Devin Bonnée Joey Oglesby Brett Houston Lizabeth Waters Philip Marlatt and others.
Director: Derek Lee Nixon Writer: Andrew Pozza
Released • August 13, 2012

The world's most beloved illusionist, armed with his team of oxymoron’s, embark on the freakiest, most adventurous paranormal investigation of all time. Terrorized at every turn by an unexplainable irregular patterns of mysterious paradox’s, this witch-hunting, ghost busting, creature questing supernatural spooftacular is the funniest footage ever found!

A.K.A. PT: Atividade Supernatural  RU: НЕнормальное явление