A Childhood (2015)

Drama • 99 minutes  6.9/10
Starring: Pierre Deladonchamps Jules Gauzelin Patrick d'Assumçao Alexi Mathieu Angelica Sarre Fayssal Benhamed Catherine Matisse Lola Dubois and others.
Director: Philippe Claudel Screenplay: Philippe Claudel Producer: Margaret Ménégoz Editor: Isabelle Devinck
Released • September 23, 2015

As summer drags by, 13-year-old Jimmy, forced by circumstance to become an adult too soon, runs up against the limits of his small hometown and his turbulent life, caught between a mother on the slide and a stepfather who keeps her down.

A.K.A. DE: Une enfance  ES: Une enfance  FR: Une enfance  PT: Une enfance  RU: Детство